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3,000 KM

100 Schools is a new program by the Grand Theatre that tours professional theatre to elementary school gymnasiums and auditoriums across London and the surrounding area at no cost to the schools. “We are so excited to make live theatre accessible to so many students: I believe theatre has the power to change lives when young people have the chance to experience it. - Dennis Garnhum

The Thames Valley District School Board, the London District Catholic School Board, and the Grand worked together to confirm a schedule that will take BEETHOVEN LIVES UPSTAIRS to 100 schools in the region, including homeschool groups and private schools (a full list is below). “It’s an incredible undertaking to take this show to so many schools, one that would not be possible without the extraordinary commitment of both school boards,” said Deb Harvey, Grand Theatre Executive Director. “The community response to this program, combined with the fantastic level of support from many local partners, has enabled us to make this tour happen.”

There will be two performances each day, Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and holidays, with the first on Friday, January 26. Each morning, the tour starts with the cast and crew packing the set, props, and costumes into the official 100 Schools Tour van donated by MacMaster Chevrolet departing to the first school, and loading in. The 3-person cast performs a lively music-filled 50-minute performance, after which the crew strikes the set, packs the van, and heads off to the second school of the day. It’s a routine that will be repeated 52 times during the tour. In all, the cast and crew will perform 119 shows to over 33,000 elementary school students, and travel approximately 3,000 kilometres.

100 Schools Spring Tour

January to April, 2018

Special March Break public engagement on the McManus Stage, March 12 - 17, 2018.  Learn More »

Follow the crew's blog to track their adventures on tour.

Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Series Creator Susan Hammond
Written by Barbara Nichol
Directed by Dennis Garnhum

"There's a madman living upstairs," a young boy writes to his uncle. "He's uncouth, has a terrible temper, and howls! - his name is Beethoven." With his uncle's help, Christoph come to understand the genius of one of music's most eccentric and brilliant composers.

Recommended for ages 6+

Download the Beethoven Lives Upstairs Study Guide (PDF)


Lead Sponsor

Sifton Family Foundation

Program Sponsors

Thames Valley District School Board Libro Westminster College Foundation

Hassan Law London District Catholic School Board

Good Foundation

Also supported by:

Members of the Grand Theatre’s London Proud Club
Mary Gillett

The Cast

Chris George
Christoph / Uncle
Mark Payne
Amaka Umeh

Production Team

Dennis Garnhum
Jennifer Goodman
Set and Costume Designer
Suzanne McArthur
Stage Manager
Daniel Bennett
Sound Designer

List of Schools

  1. St. Mary’s Choir & Orchestra Catholic School (LDCSB)
  2. Ealing Public School (TVDSB)
  3. Princess Elizabeth Public School (TVDSB)
  4. East Carling Public School (TVDSB)
  5. Knollwood Park Public School (TVDSB)
  6. Woodland Heights Public School (TVDSB)
  7. St. Anne Catholic School (LDCSB)
  8. Bonaventure Meadows Public School (TVDSB)
  9. Holy Cross Catholic School (LDCSB)
  10. Blessed Sacrament Catholic School (LDCSB)
  11. Lord Elgin Public School (TVDSB)
  12. Sir John A Macdonald Public School (TVDSB)
  13. Fairmont Public School (TVDSB)
  14. JP Robarts Public School (TVDSB)
  15. Sir Arthur Carty Catholic School (LDCSB)
  16. Lord Nelson Public School (TVDSB)
  17. Prince Charles Public School (TVDSB)
  18. Hillcrest Public School (TVDSB)
  19. Princess Anne French Immersion Public School (TVDSB)
  20. Evelyn Harrison Public School (TVDSB)
  21. Tweedsmuir Public School (TVDSB)
  22. St. Bernadette Catholic School (LDCSB)
  23. C.C. Carrothers Public School (TVDSB)
  24. St. Sebastian Catholic School (LDCSB)
  25. Holy Family Catholic School (London) (LDCSB)
  26. Chippewa Public School (TVDSB)
  27. St. Francis Catholic School (LDCSB)
  28. Wilton Grove Public School (TVDSB)
  29. F.D. Roosevelt Public School (TVDSB)
  30. Northbrae Public School (TVDSB)
  31. Arthur Stringer Public School (TVDSB)
  32. Nicholas Wilson Public School (TVDSB)
  33. Holy Rosary Catholic School (LDCSB)
  34. Sir G.E. Cartier Public School (TVDSB)
  35. St. Robert Catholic School (LDCSB)
  36. St. Pius X Catholic School (LDCSB)
  37. St. Martin Catholic School (LDCSB)
  38. Victoria Public School (TVDSB)
  39. White Oaks Public School (TVDSB)
  40. Jean Vanier Catholic School (LDCSB)
  41. St. Thomas More Catholic School (TVDSB)
  42. Al-Taqwa Islamic Elementary School (Private)
  43. Wilfrid Jury Public School (TVDSB)
  44. Eagle Heights Public School (TVDSB)
  45. Glen Cairn Public School (TVDSB)
  46. Trafalgar Public School (TVDSB)
  47. Aberdeen Public School (TVDSB)
  48. St. Michael Catholic School (LDCSB)
  49. Sir Isaac Brock Public School (TVDSB)
  50. St. Marguerite d’Youville Catholic School (LDCSB)
  51. Masonville Public School (TVDSB)
  52. Emily Carr Public School (TVDSB)
  53. Dunwich-Dutton Public School (TVDSB)
  54. Delaware Central Public School (TVDSB)
  55. June Rose Callwood Public School (TVDSB)
  56. Forest Park Public School (TVDSB)
  57. Elgin Court Public School (TVDSB)
  58. Monsignor Morrison Catholic School (LDCSB)
  59. Locke’s Public School (TVDSB)
  60. St. Anne’s Catholic School St. Thomas (LDCSB)
  61. Mary Wright Public School (TVDSB)
  62. John Wise Public School (TVDSB)
  63. Our Lady Immaculate Catholic School (LDCSB)
  64. St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School (LDCSB)
  65. Oliver Stephens Public School (TVDSB)
  66. St. Patrick’s Catholic School (Woodstock) (LDCSB)
  67. Laurie Hawkins Public School (TVDSB)
  68. Holy Family Catholic School (Woodstock) (LDCSB)
  69. Southside Public School (TVDSB)
  70. Central Public School (TVDSB)
  71. Westfield Public School (TVDSB)
  72. Monsignor J.H. O’Neill (LDCSB)
  73. Assumption Catholic School (LDCSB)
  74. Davenport Public School (TVDSB)
  75. Plattsville and District Public School (TVDSB)
  76. Winchester Public School (TVDSB)
  77. St. Patrick’s Catholic School (Lucan) (LDCSB)
  78. Caradoc North Public School (TVDSB)
  79. McGregor Public School (TVDSB)
  80. New Sarum Public School (TVDSB)
  81. Matthews Hall (Private)
  82. Parkview Public School (TVDSB)
  83. St. Joseph’s Catholic School (LDCSB)
  84. South Ridge Public School (TVDSB)
  85. Summer’s Corners Public School (TVDSB)
  86. Springfield Public School (TVDSB)
  87. Parkhill-West Williams Public School (TVDSB)
  88. Sacred Heart Catholic School (LDCSB)
  89. Roch Carrier French Immersion Public School (TVDSB)
  90. Aldborough Public School (TVDSB)
  91. St. Mary’s Catholic School (West Lorne) (LDCSB)
  92. Ekcoe Central Public School (TVDSB)
  93. St. Charles Catholic School (LDCSB)
  94. Mitchell Hepburn Public School (TVDSB)
  95. Eastdale Public School (TVDSB)
  96. St. Michael’s Catholic School (LDCSB)
  97. Port Burwell Public School (TVDSB)
  98. Straffordville Public School (TVDSB)
  99. HIGH Day School (Homeschool group)
  100. HOLO (Homeschool group)
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