London Bridges


Contemporary Comedy

Living in London, Canada we are surrounded by references to the other, larger, London, England. London Bridges, will be a play in two acts – one in London, England, and the other in London, Ontario, each written by a native of that region. It will tell the story of two worlds colliding. A contemporary look at what it means to be a citizen of this city and how that intersects with our elder namesake.

We will commission a local playwright to work with a British playwright on London Bridges.

Please submit:

  • A one-page proposal describing your version of London Bridges.
  • A brief statement of intent expressing your specific interest in this project and why you are the ideal playwright for the job.
  • A short writing sample that supports your proposal. It should give us a sense of your writing style as it relates to your pitch.
  • Resume

Submissions are now closed. Please stay tuned for more details.

For further inquiries please contact Megan Watson, Artistic Associate, at 519-672-9030 ext. 223 or email mwatson [at] grandtheatre [dot] com


Header Photo Credit: Adam Lau

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