Benefit Performance

Benefit Performance of

A Thousand Splendid Suns

For Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

A portion of the proceeds from this performance will be donated to CW4WAfghan

Saturday, March 24 | 2:00PM

Performance will be followed by a special panel discussion:


What's Does the Future Hold for Afghanistan?



Murwarid Ziayee

Murwarid Ziayee, CW4WAfghan Senior Director

Ms. Murwarid Ziayee is CW4WAfghan-Canada’s Senior Director responsible for program management, and supporting public engagement outreach and fund development, while maintaining strong connections between the country office in Kabul, and the Canadian board, executive team and membership. Murwarid has a BA in Political Science and Law from Kabul University. Prior to moving to Canada in 2018, Murwarid was CW4WAfghan’s Country Director in Kabul for 7 years, managing the day-to-day operations at the Kabul Office, and undertaking the monitoring, evaluation and reporting on our partners and projects. Before joining CW4WAfghan, she worked with UNAMA for six years as a National Gender Affairs Officer and later as a National Human Rights Officer. She has worked closely with the Ministry of Women's Affairs and served the Office of the President as Program Officer with a focus on analysis of women’s rights issues. Throughout her career in Afghanistan, Murwarid has developed an excellent understanding of the current situation and issues for women’s rights in her country. She is a leader and advocate for women’s rights and the recipient of the CW4WAfghan Champion for Education Award (2015). This award is in recognition of her many achievements, her dedication, knowledge and passion for advancing education for Afghan women and girls.


Dr. Lauryn Oates

Dr. Lauryn Oates, CW4WAfghan Programs Director

Dr. Lauryn Oates is the Programs Director for Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan. Lauryn is responsible for the overall planning, management, monitoring and evaluation of the programs in Afghanistan. She oversees approximately 20 ongoing education projects including two small community schools and school equipment, teacher training, educational resources, literacy classes, professional development workshops, an orphanage and community libraries. As an award winning human rights activist, Lauryn’s focus is on international development, women’s rights and education in conflict zones. She has worked with diverse organizations and agencies throughout the Muslim world on gender and human rights advocating for women’s rights, particularly in Afghanistan. She has been contracted as an expert consultant with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Nike Foundation, USAID, Global Rights, Medica Mondiale, Womankind Worldwide, and Transparency International, among others. She holds a PhD in language and literacy education from the University of British Columbia.


Kate McKenzie

Kate McKenzie, Digital Media Producer, Author, Educator, and Professional Speaker

As the founder of Worldviews Productions and a Studio Manager at Ryerson University's Transmedia Zone, Kate focuses on sharing stories of innovation from individuals who have courage in the face of difficulty. Her current project is directing and producing a documentary film about the first women to run a marathon in Afghanistan called The Secret Marathon.

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