Packing Up & Prepping!

The Spriet & McManus stages may be 'dark'  when it comes to performances but there is a flurry of activity throughout the building as we start Phase 1 of RENO 2020 - packing up & prepping!

RENO 2020 will not only impact the lobby spaces but we will also see a much needed wardrobe expansion, props reno and move/modernization of the box office. 

It was so great to welcome some of our amazing team members back into the building over the past week. Together they faced rooms, shelves and cupboards full of props, fabric, accessories, wigs, hats, glasses, tablecloths, tickets and posters! While we may not have been able to see their smiles directly through their masks, their smiling eyes let us know how happy they were to be back at the Grand!

Check out the pictures below from Props, Wardrobe, as well as Box Office, bars and lobbies! 

Stay tuned in coming weeks for Roof Renos & updates on the pack-up of the ROOM set!

Props Pack Day 1

Natalie Kearns (L) - Head of Props and Natalie Tsang (R) - Props Buyer - start in on the enormous pack up of the Prop Shop.

The View from Above

Taken from the fabric balcony in the Prop Shop, Natalie and Natalie stand with their many packed boxes and bins.

Wait! Pack up the props – not the people!

Props Team getting into the spirit of packing and prepping!

Wardrobe Wall of Accessories

Just one of many walls of organized wardrobe elements ready for pack-up!

Elaine, Judy and Rudy

Elaine Ball (Assistant Head of Wardrobe and Accessories Builder) poses with our Judy and Rudy mannequins on Day 1 of pack-up and prep.

Fabric Wall

Our Wardrobe Team had quite a task in front of them - but they met and exceeded the challenge!


The before and after shots here will give you a sense of the incredible work done by the packing team!


Same shot, same angle as previous photo. Wow!!!

Dream Team Selfie!

Pictured left to right: Raz Zemitis (Wardrobe Mistress), Lisa Wright (Head of Wardrobe), Kathryn Sherwin (Wardrobe Cutter), Lacie George (Sewer) and Elaine Ball (Assistant Head of Wardrobe & Accesssories Builder) - thanks to this amazing crew!

Prepping the McManus

Steve Allen (McManus House Technician) worked with a fantastic crew to ready the space for storage and its own eventual renovation!

Box Office Pack-Up

Cheryl Willison and Denise Hay (not pictured) were in for a day of packing as Karen McDonald fielded patron calls from home. There were more than a few treasures found in the Box Office during the packing!

Cleaned, packed & ready!

We would much rather see our wonderful patrons and staff in this photo but can't wait to show you the finished new and improved Box Office post-reno!

Bins & tables & cables... oh my!

Not one foot of lobby space will be untouched in the reno - are you as excited as we are to see the finished product?

Last Call!

Last call for the Poster Lounge Bar! Looking forward to toasting you all when we can safely re-open after RENO 2020!

Frozen in Time

Not even a stack of packing bins can hide the beautiful promotional photo of ROOM!

Annie & Deb

Kathryn Sherwin from our Wardrobe Dept. presented Deb with 'Annie' on Day 1 of packing. Annie proudly sits on Deb's desk and reminds all of us that 'the sun will come out tomorrow!'

Just How Big is RENO 2020?

Paul Fujimoto-Pihl, Project Manager on the RENO 2020 project, picks up the latest plans from the architect. 6 kilograms of plans!!!

Shrek Says Stay Safe

Shrek and Dragon bid you all goodbye for now from RENO 2020 prep and pack week and wish you all continued good health!

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