Artistic Director's Note

World Curious

I’ve always been World Curious. One of my goals is to try everything and visit all countries – at least once – in my lifetime. I’ve hiked Machu Picchu, eaten snake soup in Hong Kong, and attended an outdoor wedding in the South of France. Recently, I worked with Thai students at Bangkok University, an unforgettable experience. I’ve been blessed to direct theatre and opera in exotic locales throughout the world.

London Proud

I’ve always been London Proud. I was raised in London and I remember fondly growing up here: school, family, and marriage in this beautiful “Forest City.” From a young age the Grand was my favourite place to go – and still is.

Since my arrival home, I have been warmly and generously welcomed. I want to return that feeling and open our doors as wide as they can go to make all Londoners feel that the Grand Theatre is their central hub of creativity, culture, and imagination.

It is my dream that we can be World Curious and London Proud together.

Dennis Garnhum, Artistic Director

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