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School Groups

Here are some frequently asked questions to assist with planning your visit to the Grand.

Do teachers and parents attending the show with our group have to pay as well?

We’re pleased to offer all attendees the student rate. School groups also receive one free complimentary ticket for every 20 paid tickets up to a maximum of 5 free complimentary tickets.

When should I book my tickets for the show?

As soon as possible as many performances sell out. Tickets are booked on a first-come first-served basis. Most schools start to book by the middle of May for the following school year. If a performance is sold out, you can request being put on a waiting list.

Can I guarantee that my whole group will be seated altogether?

We will do our best to seat your group together, however, we cannot guarantee it. If we are not able to seat you as one group, we will do our best to seat you in smaller groups.

When is payment due?

Payment is due 30 days prior to your performance date. Once payment received, your tickets will be issued and sent to your school.

Can we pay on the day of the performance?

Payment must be received at least 30 days prior to the performance date.

How do I pay?

Payment may be made by credit card, debit, cash, or cheque (payable to the Grand Theatre).

What happens if I book after the required 30-day payment due date?

Bookings made within the 30 day period must be paid in full upon booking.

Can I add or cancel tickets from my booking?

Requests for additional tickets can be made right up to your performance date and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Once payment is made, there are no refunds for cancelled tickets.

What happens if a student is ill on the day of the performance? Is money refunded for their ticket?

The Grand Theatre does not offer refunds for cancellations due to illness.

What happens if there is a snow day or bus cancellation and our group is unable to attend the performance?

If a school is unable to attend due to weather and bus cancellations, we will try to reschedule the school into an alternate matinee date. If that’s not possible, the tickets will be refunded.

Do tickets need to be handed out to each individual student?

Yes, each student should arrive at the theatre with their own ticket. All tickets must be handed out prior to arriving at the theatre so everyone can be seated in a timely manner.

When should we arrive at the theatre for an 11 am student matinee performance?

We recommend arriving between 10:30 - 10:50 am. The doors to the theatre open 30 minutes prior to the start of the show.

Are we allowed to drink and eat in the theatre?

Only bottled water is permitted in the theatre. There is usually a 20-minute intermission during which students are welcome to purchase a snack or drink.

What should students do with their backpacks and coats?

We recommend that students avoid bringing backpacks to the theatre. Students are welcome to take their coats to their seat.

Where should buses drop off and pick up school groups?

Buses can drop off and pick up students in front of the theatre at 471 Richmond Street. An alternate location, space permitting, is the back of the theatre on Dufferin Ave. or Fullerton St.


Are food and drinks allowed in the theatre?

Only bottled water is permitted in the theatre. This is to avoid spills, and disturbing the cast and other audience members. There is usually a 20-minute intermission during which students are welcome to purchase a snack or drink.

Can I bring my camera and take pictures?

Recordings of any kind are prohibited. In addition, it’s important all that all electronic devices are turned off during the performance.

Is there a dress code for theatres?

There is no dress code for either our Spriet Stage or Auburn Stage productions. Patrons can wear whatever is comfortable. We ask that you refrain from wearing hats as they can block the view of the people sitting behind you. In addition, we kindly ask that you avoid wearing perfumes or scented products in consideration of those patrons who have scent sensitivities.

Why aren’t audience members allowed to talk to each other while watching a play?

Talking can be disruptive for the actors and other audience members. Just as the theatre’s acoustics amplify the actors’ voices, audience voices echo back to the actors on stage.

What happens if I arrive late?

Late arrivals will be required to wait in the lobby until an appropriate break in the show so as not to disturb the actors or audience. Our ushers will assist in seating late arrivals.

What if I have to leave my seat in the middle of a performance?

Of course there will be times when you absolutely must leave your seat, but we hope you’ll make every effort to stay seated until the intermission. Movement in the audience disturbs the actors and other audience members. If you must leave, please wait for an appropriate break in the show (i.e. scene changes).

What happens if a person is misbehaving during a performance?

If a person is disruptive to other audience members around them during a performance they may be asked to leave by an usher or our front of house manager.

When should I be back in my seat after intermission?

Please return to your seat at the end of the 20-minute intermission. The lobby lights will flash and bells will ring to signal that the intermission is coming to an end.

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