In the Spotlight: Allan Wilson Lasso

In the Spotlight:

Allan J. Wilson Lasso, Grand Community Engagement Manager

Photo of Alan Wilson Lasso

The Grand Theatre endeavours to be a place for all Londoners. To be a place for everyone, to gather, to celebrate, and to be inspired by exceptional theatre experiences. To help realize this, and to ensure that diversity is reflected both on and off its stage, the Grand is actively reaching out to its London community. At the helm of this community outreach is the Theatre’s new Community Engagement Specialist, Allan J. Wilson Lasso. Hailing from Panama, Wilson Lasso brings experience, compassion, and knowledge to his role – holding a steadfast commitment to welcome new community members to the Theatre and to enrich the diversity in the Grand’s theatre experience.

  1. Favourite Play or Musical?
  1. Ubu Roi/ Waiting for Godot.


  1. What projects are you currently working on or have on the horizon? 
  1. I am currently working with the Grand to reach out and connect with Indigenous and Black youth, to encourage them to get involved with the High School Project.


  1. What, or who, inspires you most?  
  1. The resiliency of the folks from the African Diaspora inspires me to work hard, so that I can be a source of support to the current generation and all those who come after.


  1. Why is it important to recognize Black History Month today?
  1. It is important to recognize Black History Month to ensure that Black and African contributions on Western culture can be celebrated for at least 1 month out of 12.


  1. What role can The Grand Theatre play in advancing Black rights and better supporting Black communities?
  1. I encourage the Grand to be a place where inclusion, justice, equity, and diversity are priorities. And further, a place where Black communities are acknowledged, considered, and important. I believe that the function of the theatre is to help bring about actual change – and not only for Black people, but for all people of colour. And this, of course, shouldn’t only be a heteronormative view, as IBPOC queer folks also deserve a place to belong and feel loved.


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